April 26

Changes Were Made


After an eventful weekend in St. George, filled with challenging paddle matches, the standout moment that caught the world's attention was the singles match between Lea Jansen and Salome Devitze. Salome emerged victorious, leaving Lea visibly emotional. Speculation arose when Lea expressed her dissatisfaction with her paddle during the match. However, it has now been revealed that Lea was mistaken, as her paddle was found to be legal.

Over the weekend, Lea took to Twitter, teasing a forthcoming response and offering a somewhat contradictory "sorry not sorry." She apologized for her on-court behavior, expressing regret to the fans, PPA (Professional Pickleball Association), and her sponsors. Notably absent from her apologies, though, was one directed towards Salome Devitze, her opponent. While some may argue that Lea should have apologized to Salome as well, I, having watched the match live, can understand why the thought might have crossed her mind. The sound of the paddle and the speed and spin with which Salome was hitting the ball were truly remarkable. Even considering Lea's stature among the women's singles players, she was being passed by Salome as if she were much shorter as if she was the height of her partner Allyce Jones. Lea did acknowledge the positive aspects of the St. George event, mentioning the implementation of on-site testing at Newport, a step in the right direction for the sport. It is clear that with the ever-advancing technology and the desire to innovate and profit within the pickleball realm, there will inevitably be more challenges to overcome, resulting in growing pains until precise rules and accurate on-site machines are established to prevent any paddle from slipping through the cracks and providing an unfair advantage.

Lea also made a comment about weight limits, suggesting the need for a maximum allowable weight for paddles. According to the Mlp paddle results, the heaviest paddle weighed 10.16 ounces, while the lightest weighed 6.9 ounces. Although we don't know the weight of Salome Devitze's paddle, it's uncertain how much of an advantage a heavier paddle would provide overall. While it might be beneficial in singles matches, bringing the same weighted paddle to doubles play could result in slower hand speed, putting the player at a disadvantage. Although Lea's actions may have initially made her seem somewhat foolish, in hindsight, they sparked a positive outcome, leading to the introduction of on-site delamination testing at the PPA.

As for whether Salome deserves an apology, it is a subjective matter. While it would have been a gracious gesture for Lea to apologize to her opponent, the intensity and emotion of the match may have clouded her judgment. Do you think Salome deserves an apology.


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