March 28

Big H Or Big Ben for MVP


After an incredible MLP Daytona event, there were several impressive games and outstanding performances from the players. However, the standout player was Hayden Patriquen. Although he struggled at the previous tournament in Mesa, he redeemed himself by going 4-1 in men’s and 3-1 in mixed with AL waters, showing his versatility and skill on the court.

Hayden’s most impressive game was during the pool play match against the Hustlers, a rematch from MLP Mesa that came down to the wire. Hayden played with determination and secured a win, especially after Tyson made a comment in a post-game interview about not losing to kids. Hayden took the opportunity to troll Tyson, saying he doesn’t lose to old guys either, and dominated the match against Tyson and Rafa pretty much just bullying them for 21 points. Hayden also stepped up during the mixed game when the team was down 2-1 in the series and played with the dominate AL Waters that puts fear in Tysons eyes.

Unfortunately, Hayden and the 5’s run was stopped by BLQK, despite Hayden winning in the men’s category. They couldn’t pull out a mixed win to send it to a dream breaker.

Some people, including myself, had questioned the Pioneers’ lack of energy and a well-rounded singles line-up. However, they proved us wrong by winning all their pool play matches 4-0 except for a tough loss against BLQK in a 3-2 grind. Dylan Frazier played exceptionally well against Ben in singles, going 9-3, and he and Federico beat Ben and Tyler in men’s dubs. This set up a #1 vs #2 seed bracket, and everyone was eagerly anticipating a rematch between the Pioneers and BLQK in the finals.

In the finals, Benny Boy Johns showed why he’s considered the GOAT by taking over and winning a close men’s game. He then played in the second mix and led his team to victory with a 21-14 win. Overall, Ben Johns proved himself to be an outstanding player and solidified his status as the GOAT.


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