May 8

Is Anna Leigh The Goat?


Jack Sock demonstrated his dominance both through his trash talk and his skills on the court, as he and Anna Leigh won the mixed doubles championship in North Carolina. While they had a rough start in the final, with Jack struggling in the first game, he quickly picked up his game and, with Anna Leigh's assistance, dominated the next two games, leaving no room for error for their opponents, Riley and Allyce. Anna Leigh's power over Allyce and ability to keep up with Riley's hands were important factors in their victory.

However, it's worth noting that in the men's bracket, two local North Carolina pros who had to play in through the qualifier came in and beat Tyson and Jack quite handily, with a score of 11-5, 11-2. This result shows that running around the backhand every time is not a viable strategy in men's pickleball, and the two pros deserve credit for their victory. It's possible that the PPA may now hold a grudge against them for ruining the chance at a double crown for Jack and depriving him of more screen time.

Overall, this weekend's competition highlighted how far ahead of the competition Anna Leigh is, as she was able to secure a win with a partner who has not fully committed to the game of pickleball yet, but who is undeniably an amazing player.


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