May 10

How To Use Lead Tape


Have you ever noticed players with strange-looking tape on their paddle? They are probably adding lead tape to make it heavier. While it may seem counterintuitive to add weight to your paddle, it can actually be beneficial if done correctly.

Let's divide the paddle into three sections. The first section, closer to the handle of the paddle, is called the throat of the paddle. Adding weight to this area can increase the paddle's stability and control, as well as its sweet spot. Another plus of applying lead tape to this section is that it won't decrease hand speed as much as other areas.

The second section is the central part of the edge guard. Adding weight to this area will increase the paddle's stability, control, and sweet spot, while also slightly increasing its power. However, adding weight to this section may slightly affect hand speed.

The third section is the top of the paddle. Adding weight to this area will strictly increase power and spin, but also decrease hand speed.

The most popular weight combinations are usually adding weight to sections 1 and 3. For example, pros like Aj Koller and Ben Johns have been seen using this combination. Most pros will be seen adding weight to section 1 and leading into section 2, or just adding weight to section 2.

There is no one "best" spot to add weight. It's best to test different weights in different sections and find what works best for your needs and preferences.


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