June 13

Who Is The Biggest Brand In Pickleball?


Which brand dominates the pickleball industry? Is it Joola, Selkirk, Franklin, or Onix?

After examining the podium finishes at PPA events, it is clear that Joola and Selkirk are the top two brands, with Joola in first place and Selkirk in second. The next closest brand is Paddle Tech, carried by Anna Leigh Waters. Other companies, like Franklin and Onix, have notable players such as the Johnsons and Matt and Lucy, respectively, but they have fewer podium finishes.

While Joola and Selkirk dominate the professional scene, it's interesting to explore the most popular paddles among amateurs. When you visit local parks, you'll likely see Joola paddles, but Selkirk is particularly popular among amateurs, especially new players who are transitioning from wooden paddles. Selkirk's longer presence in the market and its recognition among basic pickleball players contribute to their dominance in the new player market. Additionally, Selkirk's paddles are widely available in sporting goods stores, with beginner and some pro models accessible for purchase.

Another factor to consider is social media presence. Joola heavily relies on world number one player Ben Johns for advertising, but despite his status, he may not bring as much excitement to the pickleball community through social media. On the other hand, Selkirk may not have the world's best player, but they have Tyson McGuffin, who has become a pickleball icon. Tyson's Instagram has over 50k followers, and he hosts one of the most-watched pickleball podcasts. His presence at tournaments, friendly interactions with fans, and likable personality make him the most beloved man in pickleball. Selkirk also has two other podcasts, one featuring the humorous James Ignatowich, which is highly popular, and another called "It Feels Right" with Selkirk players Rob Nunnery and content creator Adam Stone.

Considering all these aspects, it is evident that Selkirk stands out as one of the most dominant brands in pickleball, and they continue to grow alongside the sport's popularity.


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