June 6

Can Pros Win 5.0 Tourneys Lefty


This week at the PPA Dallas Open, there was a noteworthy discussion surrounding professional players competing in 5.0 tournaments using their non-dominant hands. The conversation began when Brandon French, who hails from Dallas, decided to enter the 5.0 event despite recently undergoing wrist surgery on his right wrist. French, motivated by the opportunity to showcase his skills in front of his family and friends, teamed up with another highly skilled player.

Their tournament journey commenced with a loss in three games, but they rebounded impressively by winning four games in the back draw. However, their remarkable run came to an end when they faced the same team again, ultimately succumbing to a 15-2 defeat just before the medal rounds. Nevertheless, it was still an extraordinary feat to defeat several solid 5.0 squads.

This series of events prompted a question to be raised during Ben and Collin's post-match interview—whether they would attempt a similar feat. Both players expressed their interest in doing so if the PPA permitted it. In a separate interview, Ben even claimed that he could win 5.0 tournaments using his non-dominant hand. It is worth noting that both Ben and Collin used to possess two forehands, allowing them to switch hands to hit certain shots from the baseline.

If we were to speculate on how many professionals could win 5.0 tournaments using their non-dominant hands, it becomes a matter of speculation. It would largely depend on the individual player's level of ambidexterity, their natural coordination, and the extent to which they have trained their non-dominant hand. While some professionals may possess the necessary skill and adaptability, it would likely be a small percentage of the overall professional player pool who could achieve such a feat.

In conclusion, the notion of professionals winning 5.0 tournaments using their non-dominant hands has generated considerable intrigue. While a few players may have the ability to do so, it remains a rare and impressive achievement within the realm of competitive sports.


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